Working Out on the Water

Want a workout that promotes healthy hearts? Something that produces lean muscles and decreases fat? The entire time your sitting down? Kayaking. Since kayaking employs a wide range of muscles, you can have the benefits of a workout outside the confinements of a gym. Proper technique requires use of muscles in the legs, back and shoulders, as well as the abs all around the torso. The average experience on the water could lead to almost 350 calories being burned in one hour. This includes canoeing.

Kayaking as an intense cardio that allows for more oxygen into the circulation, and the elite kayakers actually breathe more efficiently. This brings to the attention that it is a more effective way to get the heart pumping, other than slamming the pavement.

We release endorphins as we exercise, which is so important in reducing stress. For most people, just being by the water has a calming effect. Kayaking brings to the fun cardio work out another element of meditative actions that can increase the use of the endorphins. Making kayaks and canoe some of the most powerful cardio for the body as well as the mind.